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Trail of Dreams Route

Above you will find an interactive map of the Trail of Dreams.  Click each location to read our blog entries and learn more about our route!

Solidarity Actions


We will walk the "Extra Mile" from May 26- June 1st.

For more information, contact us:

Too Far to Come to AZ?

You can still be part of the Trail of Dreams even if you don't live in Arizona; for instance, you can:

1) Help fundraise and donate to the Trail of Dreams

2) Start your own solidarity “Trail of Dreams” in your area (e.g. walk to your congressperson’s office, walk to your nearest college and stage an action, etc.). Make your solidarity action count by sending pictures and info of your event to

3) Sign our petition to stop the separation of families and deportation of DREAM Act students" by joining the Trail of Dreams network! You will receive updates on your phone and via-email