Statement from the Trail of DREAMs on March For America


Though we will be in North Carolina continuing our 1,500 mile walk to the nation’s capital, we would like to state our support to the upcoming March For America event happening this Sunday March 21 in Washington, DC. We are very encouraged by the thousands of people from across the nation who will gather in Washington, DC to urge President Barack Obama and the Congress to immediately reform our broken immigration system.


Throughout our journey, we have listened to the same repeated stories: mothers being afraid of driving their kids to school because of the ever-present fear of getting detained and/or deported, and high school seniors feeling completely hopeless on graduation date because they can’t continue their studies in higher education.  We think about how millions of people undergo the same fear everyday because of their undocumented status and this has to stop. That’s way we’re walking to DC; that’s why thousands gather in DC on Sunday and millions celebrate this historic day throughout the nation.


We will be present at this March 21 event thanks to a pre-recorded message from us that will be featured, highlighting our 1,500 miles journey from Miami to Washington to demand immediate reforms to the country’s failed immigration system.


United we all have the power to make immigration reform a reality. We look forward to arriving to Washington, DC on May 1, 2010 and hope you can join us by visiting our website or sending a text message to 30644 with the word TRAIL.