On a Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace

A few days ago, an anti- immigrant man looked me in the eye and without hesitation said, “you are not entirely human. You are just a criminal!” I remember the blood rushing to my head as I felt my cheeks turning red. I wasn’t embarrassed of being undocumented, but rather of being part of humanity. For a second I asked myself, “why can’t I be seen like everybody else?”

Anti-immigrant crowd in Wilmington, NCCharlotte, NC.


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Enough is Enough

Leslie symbolizes the reason why we need immigration reform now that ensures family unity and equal access to education, but most importantly, she is a very clear example that our political leaders’ words do not match their actions. President Obama and his administration have continuously lied to us by saying that they are only seeking the deportation and detention of “criminals”. Our communities continue to be raided and the current system does not fail in stealing away those we love. While any student in the United States was thinking about his or her test or homework, Leslie was getting detained in the train station on her way to school.


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"Brothers and Sisters, you must come out! Come out to your parents, come out to your friends, if indeed they are your friends, come out to your neighbors, come out to your fellow workers. Once and for all, let's break down the myth and destroy the lies and distortions. For your sake, for their sake. For the sake of all the youngsters who've been scared." - Harvey Milk


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Tomorrow, we will not be afraid

In times like today I think of my mother and her wisdom. We were
separated by an unfair system and I can't go visit her due to my
status. Sometimes I really fear that her fragile health may make us
permenantly separated. Tomorrow would be a step towards a place where
people like us can know that they will not have to live with the pain
and stigma of being undocumented forever. We are building a world
where human dignity comes first and each human being's dream is
valuable. I am sooo inspired by the work this team does. One of the
students from SWER the day he found out about his deportation order
went back home devasted and his mother said: we will find a way to
make a way. This is exactly what this action represents.  We are
creating a way to have a voices heard. I love you all!


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Innocent Voices

We got to Albany and we found several children that wanted to walk with us. They ranged from 8-12 years old. All of them were born in the US and yet had to live with the fear of losing their parents. One of the most important parts of a child’s life is their family. The constant threat of losing a parent has traumatized our children to the point that they don’t know how to live in such instability. What we do when the answer lies on the hands of congress people who have not walked with us all this way? What do we do to relay the message of these youth to greater audiences that continue to judge us as less than human because of our immigration status? 




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I am learning to crawl in my new skin

Camilla, GA

In one of her incredible poems, slam poet Andrea Gibson mentions the love of a mother, daring us to think about the joy our mothers felt the first time they said our first name. When I heard the poem, I thought about it for many days, however, I kept thinking about why a woman would love her child –just as my mother has loved me- even though babies spend nearly nine months eating up all of their energy and nutrients from the inside out and they have to deliver it through a process of pain, blood and tears...


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Good-Bye Florida

From Bradfordville, Fl.


Many have traveled through the “Sunshine State” but very little people know how beautiful it really is. From the swamps and creeks to the subtle hills of north Florida, we tried to fully enjoy everything that the scenery could offer. As we prepare to leave our home state to discover a different reality across state lines tomorrow, we acknowledge the beautiful and difficult moments we lived in our state. Needless to say, the Trail of DREAMs did not emerge out of thin air. It came from the hopes, dreams, and everyday struggles of everyday individuals in Florida, and from the need to overcome the different abuses that we are living in our everyday lives. We are the product of a movement of young people screaming on the top of their lungs and not finding a voice or even a refuge in this nation we have grown to recognize as home. It was a personal process that started when I joined Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER) two years ago not knowing how to identify my own oppression or how to engage in my own struggle.


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