What We’ve Always Known

DREAMers would significantly reduce the current deficit.  During the walk, we’d often mention that “we are not part of the problem, we are part of the solution”.  Many times we have bear witness to the misconceptions that we have been a burden to society and that we solely seek unwarranted benefits.  On the contrary, the reality is that we just want to serve and be productive members of society.


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Why I went to Nevada

People really care about the issues and in the end all the hard work paid off. We, Latinos, paved the way for Senator Reid’s re-election, he won our vote and earned the respect of our community. And mark my words when I say that the 2012 elections it will be our vote who will also decide the fate of those who will run then.  The DREAM Act during the Lame Duck session will be the first test to see who is with us and who is agaisnt us.


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Trail of Dreams NY: Join Walkers for Week of ACTION!


The Trail of Dreams is about 30 miles from Washington DC. Support our week of Action!!



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