We resist the presence of omnipresent fear, oppression, and silence. 

We will not continue to allow our communities to suffer. 


This is our unspoken creed that is cemented on the firm premise of righteousness.  If I’ve learned anything in my life as a human rights activist so far, it is that fear manifested in the darkness of silence is self-destructive. The individual, the community, and society as a whole submerge in this perpetual cycle of indefinite darkness unless a resistant gleam of light is present to overcome it.  


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Days of Reflection

Gainesville, FL:  Today, by far has been one of the most exhausting days we’ve had during the trail.  We walked our record best 22.6 miles on a windy sun piercing day.  It was a rather lonely day; but I am sure it is going to be in my most cherished memories. Today I was able to concentrate on site seeing the beautiful terrain and I felt truly centered – at one with nature.  Before the trail, I looked forward to these days, when I’d be able to pratice walking meditation, observing the sky to my left and right, see the sun and moon competing for stares and feel the resistance against the invisible cold wind.  Days like this would allow me to forget that being undocumented is an existential state of being and would allow me to view our human race hollistically and recognize our own insignificance within our universe.


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Hope in Apopka


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