We are taking our journey in a new direction, and we need you to come with us. Thanks to the tireless work of our fellow student activists, an important piece of legislation -- The DREAM Act -- has gained newfound traction. DREAM would provide a path to citizenship for the thousands of young people like us, who were brought to the U.S. as children.  We will be working to help make DREAM a reality.

We'll also be joining the movement to end the 287(g) program. It's the policy empowers officials like Phoenix's Sheriff Arpaio to enforce federal immigration laws, leading to rampant racial profiling and the deportation of thousands of hardworking immigrants. 287(g) has been a nightmare for so many communities and its time to end it.

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There is a timely opportunity now to begin the process of repairing our failed system, starting with the DREAM Act, which has widespread bipartisan support.  It's also high time that the President begin showing the leadership we elected him to provide.  With just a stroke of the pen, he could end the 287(g) program, which the Department of Justice's own Inspector General has essentially deemed a failure.

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