The HALT Act


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The HALT Act "Hinder the Administration's Legalization Temptation Actsuspends until January 21, 2013 the President's authority under current immigration law.  
What its important about the name and when the law sunsets is that it is strictly targeting President Obama.  
What the HALT Act will do in essence is stop/end the following processes that we currently have in place...

Ability to: 
Grant a waiver based on extreme hardship of the 3- and 10-year bars to re-entry,
regardless of circumstances or need, no matter how dire. 
Grant humanitarian parole on a case-by case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit (except where "the life of an undocumented person is imminently threatened" or for the purpose of the trial of a crime or other "significant law enforcement or national security purpose")
Grant cancellation of removal to an immigrant who has been in the US at least 10 years and whose deportation would result in "exceptional and extremely unusual hardship" to a US citizen or LPR spouse, parent, or child.
Grant any new designations of temporary protected status (TPS), regardless of thenatural disasters and international humanitarian crises that may arise between now and 1/21/2013
Grant deferred action (except where "the life of an undocumented person is imminently threatened" or for the purpose of the trial of a crime or other "significant law enforcement or national security purpose")
Grant extended voluntary departure (except where "the life of an undocumented person is imminently threatened" or for the purpose of the trial of a crime or other "significant law enforcement or national security purpose")
Grant employment authorization with regard to extended voluntary departure, deferred action, parole, and other circumstances where discretion is exercised to prevent someone's removal
Should the bill become law, any exercise of the above-mentioned authorities from the date of introduction (July 12, 2011) to the date of enactment of the bill will be revoked.
This affects a large sector of the community.  It affects Cubans, DREAMers, it will take away the ability to get work permits when you get deferred action etc., and for those who currently have that they would be able to re-new their deferred action or work permits, it allows for separation of families to happen, it leaves undocumented parents with children with disabilities extremely vulnerable, this is an evil attack on our community.  And it shows the true colors of those who have no heart! 
Halt Act introduced by: By Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas)


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