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In September, I had the honor to sit with amazing DREAMers from 12 different states, in the gallery of the Senate.  We were able to witness how one by one, each Senator casted their vote on the DOD authorization bill.  I still remember the speech Senator Reid gave on the floor and the conviction with which he spoke about the DREAM Act.  If it was a political move or not, he only knows.  I, however, was regardless touched by his words and understood that he was going out on a limb for Dreamers across the country.  It’s rare to see politicians actually lead, be bold, and really target issues head on, which may not be the popular way to govern now a days.


Then, of course there was Sharon Angles political ads, which angered me and made me so sad to see how a human being are able to be so vile and racist towards us, immigrants.  


All this left me unsettled, but I knew that I had to do something about it. Since staying quite and not speaking up against injustices, in my eyes is a form of acceptance.


And so for these reasons in return, I decided to go on a limb for Senator Reid. Because injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, as Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently put it. Last week, with little money and not knowing anyone in Nevada, I bought my plane ticket and headed to support Senator Reid. I spent 120 hours canvassing, did video blogs, tweeted and gave all the media interview request that came my way with the message to vote and vote for the candidate who supported the DREAM Act.  I ate what I could afford (junk food), drinking coffee and whatever else had caffeine, to keep myself up and energized, I had to work as hard as I could to ensure his re-election.

I was able to talk to people and ask them to please go out to vote.  I shared with them my story and told them how Senator Reid was a champion for the DREAM Act. I was also able to meet other dreamers who live in Nevada who were doing the same. Their work, as I learned, was one they had been doing for some time now. The energy in Nevada was amazing.  It was refreshing to see organizations, which had been getting out the vote in the Latino community, composed and ran by local youth. 


The remarks that Senator Reid made in Univision, “I will move the DREAM Act during the Lame Duck session win or loose” if he follows through and keeps his promise, will show the character of Harry Reid and the type of leader voters are looking for to continuing supporting in the future.


People really care about the issues and in the end all the hard work paid off. We, Latinos, paved the way for Senator Reid’s re-election, he won our vote and earned the respect of our community. And mark my words when I say that the 2012 elections it will be our vote who will also decide the fate of those who will run then.  The DREAM Act during the Lame Duck session will be the first test to see who is with us and who is agaisnt us.




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