Laughter…what gets us going! And Some Words of Humility


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Today, January 7, 2010 we celebrated SWER day! That is our second proclamation!!!  For all you DREAMers and SWER members congratulations on all your hard work and dedication it has payed it!  And although we have not reach DC just yet, we will and the celebration will be bigger.

In our daily walk what really keeps us going is laughter.  So today, we wanted to share with you a couple of Trail of Dreams terminology.

Roa Roa the explore = Carlos

STOP = Someone is tying their shoes, a car is coming, or

Squirrel = Someone is not paying attention

Diego = Felipe

When ever we need anything from the backpack we sing = Dora’s back pack song.

Hello Everyone, it’s Carlos.  I finally get around to blogging!!

Before I begin, I want people to know that this walking endeavor will be one of the most important, world changing events of 2010!

Thus far, I’ve had several positive experience trekking with people from all different walks of life.  Today, on the 8th day, we embarked on the walk @\\

7:30AM from El Sol Workers Center in Jupiter, FL.   We had approximately 70 people walking with us in the morning, the majority of them day laborers from Guatemala.   Words cannot describe how humbled I felt to walk alongside these hard working individuals, whose voices have been shun for so long and who are so badly mistreated through the attritive force imposed by the immigration system and because of existential hatred present in our society.

I was able to engage in conversations with several of them, and they shared their life stories of struggle and perseverance with me.  I had tears in my eyes after listening to some of their stories, I couldn’t help from remembering some of the struggles my father has had to face being on foot, looking for work, trying to feed his family and enduring this situation so that his children could have a better future.   I couldn’t help from thinking how unfairly portrayed immigrants are viewed in this nation.  Today’s walk was a good reminder of why we do the work we do and for whom we do it for…

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