New Year’s Day 2010


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Rarely do we notice the magnitude in which our lives our changing in the instant that it is happening. Today was very likely one of those moments for me, my friends, and all of us who were present at the kick-off for the Trail of DREAMs at the Miami Freedom Tower. As of yet, I’m still not sure what to think or how to feel about this drastic shift in my life.

I look back to early November when I came home one day utterly frustrated and depressed about the current state of the life of immigrants (the lives of practically all communities of color on a global scale) and how compelled I felt to just put on my shoes and begin walking on a journey for liberation.

“I’m leaving,” I told Felipe. “I can’t keep waiting for them to give me an answer, hoping that maybe SOMEDAY, someone will actually listen to my question. I can’t just stay here in my daily cycles acting like this way of life is manageable or bearable. It isn’t. It can NEVER be bearable to lose the people that we love. It can NEVER be bearable to wake up each morning and know that people in our communites have disappeared -taken in the darkness of the night by those that claim to be keeping our communities ’secure’.”

“Will you come with me? We have been working together for several years and we swore to see this battle through to the end, so can I count on you to come with me?”

I feel like it was only yesterday that I said these things to Felipe, halfway storming out the door and feeling my heart beat louder than I have heard it beat since the last time I was able to honestly express my love to my father.

Who would have known I would have woken up today to stand at the steps of the Freedom Tower? Who would have known that walking could be such a powerfully symbolic experience in my existence?

Its definitely tough: the roads are long, the stress is great, but I am propelled by the enegy of my brothers and sisters in this struggle, keeping their heads held high as we march through the Florida heat and the unexpected rain; keeping our faith and keeping our strength as we sing in unison, “we who believe in freedom CANNOT REST UNTIL IT COMES.”

It was a beautiful day. It was beautiful to know that the struggle of my family and my community in this country has not been in vain because while many have been driven to their ends, we still bite down on our swollen, bloody lips with the certainty that it IS POSSIBLE to change people through love. IT IS POSSIBLE to come together in solidarity and overcome the patriarchy, xenophobia, and racism. IT IS POSSIBLE to coexist without the need for violence.

Happy New Year America, Humanity, Eternity…

A new story has begun, forged by your commitment to our values as we continue to march ahead. 

WE MUST respect the rights of workers

WE MUST fulfill equal accessibilty to education

WE MUST have a just and humane pathway to full citizenship

WE MUST protect the sacred bonds and unity of our families!

-Juan Rodriguez

Walker, Trail of DREAMs

Dedicated to:  Jenny of the Fast for Our Families, for whom we walked today. Keep the faith Jenny. We carry your story and your passion in our hearts.

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